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Grow your PayGate skills with these step-by-step Videos

Take a look at our easy to follow demo videos, designed to help you perform a range of payment tasks and find your way around new features.

Need personalised training? 

Our custom training sessions help your team get maximum benefit from PayGate.  From introductory How To's to refresher training, each course content is tailored to the needs of new or experienced users. 

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Introduction to Security 

Understand the fundamentals of PayGate security, including password policies and management, and explore the Security Policy feature and inactivity timer.



Session Security

Following on from the Introduction to Security video, learn to configure the inactivity timer, Time and IP restriction settings to limit when and where PayGate can be accessed. 



Advanced Security

PayGate offers a host of advanced security options.  In this overview, explore USB security tokens for logon, automatic disabling of old or inactive accounts, and password expiration settings that promote password management best practice. 



PayGate Bacs Submission 

A step-by-step guide to creating a Bacs submission from a file: from logging in, understanding Groups, pre-submission validation, signing and approval, through to final submission. 

Also explains a number of PayGate general features including user roles, signing via an HSM and action items.


PayGate Approvals

A demonstration of the default submission approval process and the different ways to boost process security:  Create a Custom Approval Policy; set and vary the number of approvers, and configure extra approval safeguards such as hardware USB tokens or SMS code.