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Helping the public sector reduce costs and mitigate risk in its digital transformation journey with the only Bacs-approved software available on G-Cloud 10


Proud sponsors of this year's event

Congratulations to all nominees, including many PayGate customers, we look forward to seeing you there! 


“Having worked on a number of projects with external suppliers there are always issues, both technical and operational, with the software that need to be addressed.  The PayGate software just worked.” 

Warwickshire County Council 

With PayGate, payments and credits cost you less and save you money

The drive to adopt digital-centric strategies and processes within the public sector promises huge financial and procedural gains for organisations and their service users. 

But multi-pronged challenges still hinder the digital-first journey: how to meet government targets for improvements, balance the books of rising demand versus shrinking budgets and deliver better customer experience to increasingly connected service users.

For over 4 decades CORVID PayGate has been working in partnership with Central and Local Government, Education, Healthcare and Law Enforcement organisations to embrace centralised digitisation and automation. 

We're helping them achieve significant cost reductions with bank data validation, automated processes, stronger security and improved data management.

As part of cyber security experts Ultra Electronics, premium security is built into the core of every PayGate offering. 

But it's not just about software.  CORVID PayGate's decades of industry expertise means you get the best commercial terms and total peace of mind with trusted advice, renowned support and ethically honest customer care.


“PayGate has helped us cut the time required to process our submissions by 75%, saving us over £25k each year.”

JC Payroll

PayGate is the smart way to do payments

  • Safely replace legacy tools with a single all-payment solution
  • Meet customer service targets with automated processes and online service delivery
  • Demonstrate compliance and data governance with locked-down processes and audit trails 
  • Centralise processes across every department or business unit with disparate needs
  • Keep up with the flow of industry changes and guarantee compliance forever

  • Easy automation of multiple payment processes
  • Reduce errors with automatic bank data validation
  • Enable work-anywhere processes and mobile approvals 
  • Two-factor authentication & SMS approvals
  • GDPR-ready and future-proofed for SHA2, PSD2 and NPA 



Switching to PayGate is easy, seamless and fully supported


"CORVID PayGate are flexible to our needs, efficient and responsive in their service and support, and highly professional. I recommend them and the PayGate solution to other councils."

Chelmsford CC