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Ultra-high security. Transparent in how we do business. Straightforward.

PayGate is the UK's biggest payment service provider and one of the leading providers of credit and debit transaction services - trusted to enable more than £7 trillion of transactions annually across the globe.

Electronic payments are the lifeblood of retail, commercial and industrial organisations, and PayGate provides them with end-to-end payment transaction services that are transparent, straightforward to implement and deploy, and that deliver the highest levels of security.

We enable businesses to lower their payment transaction costs, reduce the risks associated with fraud and human error, and to deliver high levels of confidence in their business continuity and disaster recovery processes.


Imagine the impact on your business if security was simply something that you could stop worrying about

What if you could benefit from designed-in, application level and hardware-based security; Tier-3 data centres (in geographically diverse UK locations); and the highest levels of failover, availability and disaster recovery? Oh, and it was all regularly security audited, and accredited to ISO 27001? If all this was a standard, core part of your electronic payments solution, would security be something you thought less about?

At PayGate we also believe there is an alternative to forcing customers into professional services engagements that are unnecessary. We like to think our customers can come to us for help if they need it, but that they should be empowered to manage settings and configurations in the system we provide them with, without our help. This gives them autonomy (from us) and means that they do don't incur costs every time they want to update something. 

Because PayGate solutions are designed for self-service, and full training is always included, our customers can devise and create end-to-end electronic payments systems quickly and easily (in days rather than months) without needing to pay for our help. This is how we do things here at PayGate – we take a straightforward and pragmatic approach that keeps customers in control of their own systems.

We also think that this type of transparent relationship should extend to contracts and pricing policies which is why we don’t impose long-term contracts on our customers or force them into transaction-based pricing models if they don't want to. After all, everyone likes predictable costs. 


You will be surprised how straightforward it is to move to PayGate

Many organisations that have electronic payments processes are stuck with outdated, labour-intensive manual processes and are not aware just how straightforward it is to effect a change to something more efficient. 

  • It’s too difficult.
  • It’s too risky
  • The alternatives are too expensive
  • Changing our supplier? Far too hard. We’re too busy.
  • It’s not a priority - the manual system we have might be a hassle, but...
  • Automation? That’s my job you’re talking about!

Yes, these are all real and valid concerns when thinking about changing to a payments process that’s more efficient, more secure, less costly to run, more flexible. One that will facilitate and drive other positive outcomes that will grow your business. And include other side benefits such as disaster recovery that are often overlooked (until disaster strikes).

Here at PayGate, we address these concerns head-on while working with you to develop new payment processes that will enhance your business.

We’ve worked with many organisations that have discovered how painless it is to change to PayGate, and that are now experiencing the benefits that come from streamlined and efficient electronic payments processes.

The best way to understand how we’ve helped a diverse range of businesses to up their game and migrate to efficient electronic payment workflows is to read some customer implementation success stories.