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Ultra-high security for electronic payments processing

Designed-in security infrastructure for robust end-to-end transaction processing solutions

Security is, of course, a fundamental element in the world of electronic payments processing, and PayGate raises the bar with its integrated hardware security module (HSM) from Ultra Electronics - accredited to FIPS 140-2 Level 4 – the highest level of cryptographic security.

PayGate is the only Bacs, and Faster Payments approved supplier to offer its own HSM. Deploying PayGate HSM alongside PayGate’s suite of payments services greatly enhances the efficiency of your payment operations and the ease with which ultra-high levels of security can be incorporated. PayGate gives you lights-out processing and unattended submissions as well as automated report retrieval.

Our role here at PayGate is to deliver the electronic payments security infrastructure on which robust end-to-end transaction processing solutions can be built. PayGate delivers a multitude of security focused capabilities in its services including designed-in, application level and hardware-based security; Tier-3 data centres (in geographically diverse UK locations); and the highest levels of failover, availability and disaster recovery - all regularly security audited and accredited to ISO 27001.

With files and submissions encrypted and signed at the point of transmission, and with a secure audit trail, security as part of fraud and risk reduction, is part of the fabric of PayGate’s end-to-end electronic payments processing solutions.

Security on its own is one thing, but having that security reflect international banking standards and regulatory protocols is vital for being able to demonstrate the highest levels of industry compliance.

Payment security

  • Hardware security module (HSM) tightly integrated into all PayGate solutions
  • The only Bacs service provider that can supply its own HSM
  • Lights-out processing and unattended submissions
  • Compliance with international regulatory standards
  • Regularly security audited, and accredited to ISO 27001
  • Blockchain security protects data when in transit

With a broad range of security infrastructure designed-in at the very lowest level, and being able to provide our own integrated HSM (and deliver support for international banking regulations), PayGate is the ultra-secure, compliant foundation for electronic payments services.