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Catch bank detail errors sooner to reduce investigation and repair costs

Deliver superior customer service using real banking system data

Incorrect bank data is a major source of payment inefficiency. It prevents automated processing and leads to customer frustration.

Making bank detail data validation a core part of your electronic payments workflows ensures that errors are caught sooner which reduces your investigation and repair costs, and crucially, significantly improves your ability to deliver superior customer service.

Operating either in batch mode before a payment run, or as part of an online customer signup process, PayGate Validation works with regularly refreshed data drawn from the international banking system to capture errors from miskeying and mishearing before costly process issues occur later in the workflow.

The benefits of validating payment data before a submission

  • Ensure seamless payment runs by eliminating rejected payments 
  • Deliver superior customer service from properly executed payment runs
  • Tightly focus error investigation to save you time and money
  • Run validation checks against real banking system data for higher accuracy
  • Facilitate straight through processing (STP)
  • Validate all customer bank details in batch or online signup modes

Improving the way you collect and verify customer bank details has a direct positive impact on both your business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

PayGate Validate is easy to implement and delivers fast return on investment.