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PayGate is the single gateway to ultra-secure payments

Electronic payments made easier, more secure and on your terms

Based on our secure processing engine, PayGate is a modular payments platform that combines an extensive set of services in a single consolidated payments hub.  

Using the flexibility of a common shared service that can be deployed globally, organisations can develop custom, end-to-end payments solutions in a cost-effective, secure and centrally managed way.


With a strict adherence to global industry standards, PayGate facilitates regulatory and standards compliance and ensures that integration into existing technology infrastructure is straightforward. 

Whether you are a payments bureau, a bank, or a UK or global organisation, PayGate is the flexible answer to how to manage a broad range of payments requirements. It delivers the cost efficiencies of centralisation without imposing rigid processes.

Providing centralised reporting, strong two-factor authentication and a full audit trail, PayGate facilitates the creation of a single end-to-end solution to streamline and centralise your payments system - freeing you to focus on core business activities, improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs.

  Flexible Deployment Models

Your organisational structure, IT strategy and security requirements will drive where and how to deploy PayGate. We don't impose installation architectures on you - we let you tell us where and how you want the PayGate platform used.

PayGate works with payment bureaus, banks and organisations large and small that have needs for on-premise, cloud or hosted deployments. 

  Automation and Validation

The unique, patented PayGate input/output file mapping tool takes all the pain out of creating and managing automated workflows (yes, you manage them – you don't need us). 

Automated payment processing workflows using PayGate are easy to implement, manage and maintain – and with built-in transaction validation, automatic error checking comes as standard.


As soon as we pick data up, even if it’s on your site, we encrypt it. With most payments fraud taking place when data is in transit, and being the only provider to encrypt data at the source, PayGate is the most secure solution available. 

With access to PayGate via secure two-factor authentication, and with our own FIPS 140-2 Level 4 HSM, ultra-high levels of security are core aspects of everything we do. 

  Single Payment Solution

Using the PayGate global payments hub, consolidating legacy payment operations into a common shared payments service is straightforward and can be accomplished in a matter of days (not months).

Being a modular platform, PayGate provides the flexibility to easily add new functionality in response to changing industry and customer requirements, without the need for major system changes.

  Standards and Compliance

With access to the full range of Bacs-accredited UK solutions, PayGate provides a managed interface for Direct Debits, Direct Credits and Faster Payments – all through one single, ultra-secure system.

Supporting global industry standards, PayGate facilitates the enforcing of regulatory compliance and ensures that integration into existing technology infrastructure straightforward. 

  Modular and Scalable

Organisations need the flexibility to move with the times and to be able to respond to market forces and introduce new products and services quickly and easily.

PayGate is fully scalable across your organisation with centrally managed client connections and sophisticated concurrent licensing. It can replace a myriad of individual payment solutions to provide you with centralised payment control via a single payments gateway. 

CASE STUDY: Chelmsford City Council

The Financial Services department at Chelmsford City Council has reduced the level of human intervention in its systems for processing 70,000 payroll, council tax, business rates, housing benefit, invoices, and leisure centre membership fee transactions each month.

Automation using PayGate has freed up a significant amount of staff time that is now being better used within the department. The fact that the Council has also reduced its support costs has been a happy bonus.

Learn how Chelmsford City Council has used PayGate to free up resources and save costs.


The PayGate platform is designed to enable organisations to self-service system configuration, maintenance and management.

Here at PayGate – we take a straightforward and pragmatic approach that keeps customers in control of their systems.

And with systems that are fully scalable across an organisation, with centrally managed client connections and sophisticated concurrent licensing, PayGate-based solutions replace disparate, individual payment solutions to provide centralised payment control via a single payments gateway.