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Facilitating compliance with Direct Debit guidelines and regulations

Delivering high levels of customer service while minimising errors, fraud, and costs

While Direct Debit is a simple and convenient way to collect payments, being (and staying) compliant with Bacs regulations, and dealing with processing errors and rejected transactions, requires a management system that automates the full end-to-end lifecycle.

Eliminating the complexity of manging Direct Debits, and reducing the administrative costs associated with manual processing, is at the heart of the PayGate Direct Debit solution. With account detail and data validation built-in, errors, fraud, and costs are all reduced and minimsed.

It is in the area of compliance that PayGate’s Direct Debit Management System really shines. The system facilitates and enforces the following of Direct Debit due process and guidelines. In fact, you can't fall foul of Direct Debit regulations with PayGate. So, when reputational risk, and customer care, are of paramount importance, PayGate is there to help you deliver very high levels of customer service.

Why PayGate Direct Debit Management System?

  • Eliminates complexity and simplifies end-to-end automation
  • Enforces compliance with all Bacs Direct Debit regulations
  • Automated bank detail and data validation
  • Management and automation of the full Direct Debit life-cycle
  • Integrated drag-and-drop file mapping and workflow tools
  • Fully supports current account switching service

A rich visual interface facilitates managing direct debit payments and their
associated submissions, reports and actions

ddms flow diagram 

Whether you are looking to reduce fraud, errors or simply your processing costs, when you deploy PayGate’s Direct Debit solution, you are automating your processes in a way that enforces Bacs compliance and reduces risk. And this helps you deliver higher levels of customer service.