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Contingency planning services for when things go wrong

Business continuity as a backup to your processes – or for emergency payment submissions cover

Business continuity planning

Despite the best operational risk planning and mitigation, problems outside your control strike when you least expect them to: power and internet connections fail, people fall ill, smartcards and USB tokens are lost, software programs unexpectedly fail, and access to buildings can be restricted through fire or flood.

When the impact of these issues prevents you from accessing, managing or processing electronic payments, you have a potentially serious business continuity problem if you don't have an alternative process available. 

PayGate has a suite of contingency and continuity services that integrate into your business processes. With the option of advance preparation and setup, and with no hidden charges or time limitations, your operational processes are safeguarded.


Emergency payment submissions

When circumstances transcend your contingency planning and alternative processing processes, PayGate provides emergency external support.

PayGate Goldstar gives you access to our fully approved Bacs payments processing bureau service. In an emergency you need flexibility, and Goldstar lets you choose how you access the bureau service for processing payments on your behalf. Whether you send payments processing files to us yourself or authorise your customers to do so, the Goldstar service is there for disaster recovery emergencies.

The benefits PayGate business continuity
and emergency planning

  • Planed business continuity integrated into your business processes
  • Flexible continuity options including on-premise or hot-swap
  • Hosted, replicated backup option provides contingency
  • Emergency, on-demand, Bacs approved bureau service
  • File submission capabilities provides maximum flexibility
  • Planned contingency services deliver the widest range of risk management scenarios

Business operations need to me maintained when things go wrong, as they sometimes do.
Having a range of options available to you and with flexibility in how they are deployed, provides confidence that your business will survive even the most serious and unforeseen disaster.