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With nearly half a century of experience in the payments industry, CORVID PayGate is the UK's biggest payment service provider and one of the leading providers of credit and debit transaction services trusted with the more than £7 trillion transacted annually across the globe. 

 Certified by Bacs

Certified by Bacs as a solutions provider to organisations, banks and bureau, we are also an approved bureau in our own right and have a long history of delivering secure, reliable and scalable solutions to thousands of customers across the globe.


Electronic payments are the lifeblood of retail, commercial and industrial organisations, and we provide them with end-to-end payment transaction services that are transparent, straightforward to implement and deploy, and that deliver the highest levels of security. 

Lower Costs 

We enable businesses to lower their payment transaction costs, reduce the risks associated with fraud and human error, and to deliver high levels of confidence in their business continuity and disaster recovery processes. 


In 2012, Ultra Electronics Holdings plc (LON:ULE), an International group of businesses formed in 1920, acquired Barron McCann. In the autumn of 2016, the business was rebranded under the CORVID brand and is now known as CORVID PayGate Ltd.