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PayGate is the single gateway to ultra-secure payments

Electronic payments made easier, more secure and on your terms

100% Focused

We’re 100% focused on helping you create automated payment processing workflows that are easy to implement, manage and maintain. We also believe in giving you complete control to modify your workflows when and how you want.

No Commitment

We don't impose long-term contractual commitments or transaction fees on you – we believe that building long-term, trusted relationships with our clients is much more important (to both of us). 

UK Based

UK-based, and with a commitment to security and flexibility in how we deliver electronic payment services, we have been delivering solutions in a wide range of market sectors for nearly half a century.

The UK’s largest Bacs provider, enabling tens of £billions of 
transactional value to be securely processed annually


CORVID PayGate is the only payment service provider that can supply its own HSM.

Our industry-leading Ultra Electronics HSM eliminates third-party integration headaches and delivers you out-of-the-box ultimate Level 4 security. 

  Cloud, Hosted and On-Premise

We don't impose installation architectures on you. We let you tell us where and how you want the PayGate platform deployed.

You choose whether it’s cloud, on-premise or hosted, and whether PayGate is going to manage it for you.

  Workflow Automation

How easy do you want your workflow automation process to be? How important is it that you can define and implement an automated workflow in just days (not months)?

The unique, patented PayGate mapping tool takes all the pain out of creating and managing automated workflows (yes, you manage them – you don't need us). 


PayGate is the modular and flexible payment services platform that lets you define fully end-to-end electronic payment processes.

Flexibility is not just about workflows though, it’s also about letting you choose where the solution is deployed and how we don't force long-term contracts or transaction-based charges on you. 

  Automated Direct Debit Management

Managing a direct debit system is a complex and challenging process. Mistakes are costly. True automation, that facilitates following due process is what’s required.

Our automated DDMS prevents you from making mistakes. With no human intervention, the ability to fall-foul of direct debit regulations has been removed.


CORVID PayGate is a UK-based and UK-owned company with nearly half a century of history and experience of delivering payment solutions to draw on. And all our support, consultancy and development staff are also based in in the UK.

We are very confident about what we do. We have a long heritage and we have long-term relationships with our customers simply because they trust us. And in the world of electronic payments, that is very important.

Delivering electronic payments more easily, more securely and using a modular, flexible platform, PayGate delivers an end-to-end solution for payments processing across the globe.

Cloud-based, hosted or on-premise, PayGate is the payment gateway that automates your payment processing in the quickest and simplest way - and that always keeps you in control.

 CASE STUDY: Chelmsford City Council

The Financial Services department at Chelmsford City Council has reduced the level of human intervention in its systems for processing 70,000 payroll, council tax, business rates, housing benefit, invoices, and leisure centre membership fee transactions each month.

Automation using PayGate has freed up a significant amount of staff time that is now being better used within the department. The fact that the Council has also reduced its support costs has been a happy bonus.

Learn how Chelmsford City Council has used PayGate to free up resources and save costs.